Premix Logo and Trademarks

This page presents the use of Premix’s logo and trademarks. The logo reflects Premix’s ability to create unique solutions for customer needs in the best possible way. In addition, it demonstrates the deepening partnerships we want to create with our customers.

The main guideline is that  you will always need our permission to use our logo or trademarks. If you’re working with us on a project or initiative, please be in touch with your Premix contact person or Premix Marketing to coordinate the use of logo or trademarks. You will find our detailed contact information on our Contact pages.



Premix logo instructions

The letters in the logo can be thought of representing stylised plastic raw materials, which grow thicker from left to right and end in a compact letter X.

The components of the logo are precisely defined in relation to each other. It is important that the logo always maintains its exact form, regardless of its application environment and situation.

The logo can be used in positive (black) or negative (white) formats.

Premix logo instructions 2
  1. The logo is surrounded by a protected area as illustrated in the adjacent picture. The protected area is indicated in the adjacent picture by a blue line.
  2. The minimum recommended size of the logo is 7.5 mm in height. Since the logo consists of numerous small parts, it is preferable to use the logo in a large size.
  3. Never place other texts or graphic elements in the immediate vicinity of the logo, this would create new, not officially approved logo combinations.
  4. Never use the logo in colours other than white or black. In special cases, the logo can be made in non-colour formats, such as when sandblasted in glass, etched in metal or embossed in carton.
  5. Never alter the dimensions of the logo. Be especially careful when resizing the logo.


A trademark is a sign that distinguishes the goods and services produced by a company from similar goods and services of other companies. A trademark functions as a kind of distinctive symbol on the market.


Premix owns the following trademarks:

These trademarks are protected by intellectual property rights and may only be used according to Premix's visual guidelines:

  • Trademark must be written in capital letters
  • Whenever mentioned, the trademark must be followed by a registered trademark symbol (®)